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Android Remote on XPERIA X8 not useable

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today I've tested the Android Remote on my new X8 with LeapFrog 48 (V7.1) and got stuck after a few minutes.


The App is absolutly not useable on the phone. First of all the App was closed if turning the phone from portrait to landscape (reproduceable). The other thing is that the UI is not accessible. The channel faders are to small and the submaster faders have a height of max. 7mm including the up/down buttons. Even if I use my smallest fingertip I can not handle it.


Looking forward to the next release...





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Hi Jo,


I have recorded the two issues you are having in our bug tracking database.


ZOS-3865 - App Crashes when Phone is Rotated

We will look into what's causing this, thanks for reporting it.


ZOS-3866 - ZerOS App too small to use on some screen sizes

The problem here might simply be that the X8's screen is just too small to use for the amount of information the ZerOS App is displaying.

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Hi Jon,


regarding screen size, what do you thing about this idea:


For remoting with iphone/ipod/ipad or Android phone it is not nessesary to have the complete function set of the desk. I think it es more usefull to have a tiny tool to remote the dimmer channels and submasters while working on the stage (adjusting lamps or viewing scenes from different positions). So it would be nice to have the possibility to select one fader (i.e. via keypad or Prev/Next-Button) and then just one big fader on the screen that is easy to touch, even with a big thumb ;-)


Regards, Jo

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