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Hi Our zero 88 memory disk died a few years ago, i tried 20 memory sticks to try and install os, and only had look with one....


Some (insert nasty word) has stolen it and i'm not having any look trying to find alternative that works.


If anybody has a non-zero88 memory stick could you list it here...please!



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Hi Kev


There are a couple of things you can try on non-working sticks to try and get them working - the main thing is holding SHIFT whilst pressing Next after you've selected the stick in the USB-install maker. This will offer to update the MBR (Master Boot Record) on the stick - try this on the non-working sticks and you'll probably find that a number of them start working.


As with any problem like this, it's always worth giving us a call to talk through these problems - 01633 838088 - we're always happy to talk you through fault finding these problems.





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