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Bob watson


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Hi Bob,


The palettes are 30 per each attribute... colour / beamshape / position.


However, you can record all your fixtures into each one, so your 'red' colour palette can have 'red' information for each fixtures in it. Only the fixtures you have selected will actually turn red when you use the palette.


Hope that makes sense?

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Just had a desk the other day, which only aloud me to record the position of 1 mover per palette and with 6 movers i only got 5 positions each


But with the TL i was hoping to get 30 for each of the movers for beam 30 for position etc

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Which desk were you using?


If you wanted to program a 'Down Stage Left' position palette for example, have ALL your fixtures pointing to the same point down stage left, and then record the palette.


Then, when you only want one fixture to go DSL, you make sure that only that fixture is selected when you run the palette.


If you want 30 individual palette for each individual fixture, you could have fixtures pointed in different places on the same palette. For example, if you want Position Palette 1 to point centre stage on Fixture 1, but you want it to point at the cyc for Fixture 2, record Position Palette 1 with the two fixtures pointing at the respective positions. Then, when fixture 1 is selected, palette 1 will send it centre stage, but when fixture 2 is selected, it will point it towards the cyc.

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