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problem when I change the scene

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Hi Paolo,


Could you email me a show file so we can try and recreate this and help you further?


Many Thanks

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Hi, i'm New To this forum.

I have an issue on my Fat Frog:

Is there a way to run a scene for LED Bars (changing colours) with the Override Regulator without pushing instantly the "Go" Button?


Greetings, sebm

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It sounds like you want to program a chase into a memory.

To do this then follow the steps below.


Set the next cue to the one you want to program a chase to and make sure the play back x master is at 0.

Press and hold the program button until the memory type changes to chase.

Display will show the chase program box with the step number showing a 1*

Set up the first colour and press program. Step number movers on to 2*

Change the colour to the next one you want and press program again.

Step number moves to 3*.

Repeat the above until all steps have been programmed.

Press the arrow down button to enter the chase modifier section.

Take the playback master to full and the chase will start to run.

Set direction the chase is running.

To fade between the colours you need to set the colour action from snap to fade.

Adjust the chase speed pot until the colours are cycling at the desired speed.

Note the colour fade is worked out on the speed of the chase.

The bottom option is shots this is the number of times the chase will run before stopping, 0 is contantly running, you can then set 1 -255 times. It will always stops on the last programed step.

Once all modifiers are set press the enter button to save changes and close the chase box.

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