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Fat Frog Smoke

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a simple answer is it is dependant on the smoke machine :P


If the some machine is DMX controlled then yes it can be pached to a Frog and run as either a normal fader or a generic fixture. It will need to be addresed.


However some smoke machines use a 0-12V signal that would not be compatable, and probably damage the fat frog

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Hi Pro-Tech.


You may do cool things with an DMX Smoker.....

When a fixture is spare you could assign a color Scroller and use the HTP for Smoke intensity and the LTP for an optional vent.


Now write a mem for smoke output and vent. HTP with a little fade of 1sec and the LTP (vent) as snap. A second mem with no output and a also a 0 for the vent.


purchase a double footswitch and set up for the remote socket in the back of your frog!!! 8-pin DIN, refere to the frog manual. Assign your two mems to the switches and you have both hands free for the show. :wink:


A little work is needed I guess but you can use your fogger like you are used to.



best regards



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Basically, if your smoke machine is controlled by DMX then it can be controlled from a Frog desk.


Depending on the number on DMX channels that are used to control it, you can either have direct control of each DMX channel by patching the appropriate number of generic channels, or you could create a fixture file to match the smoke machines parameters and control it as you would a moving light fixture.


If you have any further information on the smoke machine concerned, then this would be useful in determining the best way to control it from the desk.

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One of our smoke machines (I don't know the name, I can find out..) has a DMX input but its in the old 3-pin style. Would it work if we just take these 3-pins to a 5-pin, via a simple adapter?



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via a simple adapter?


You can solder your own adaptor as follows:


DMX 5pin male

[*]1= GND

[*]2= DMX DATA -

[*]3= DMX DATA +

[*]4= optional 2nd DMX DATA -

[*]5= optional 2nd DMX DATA +

DMX 3pin female






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