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Beeping Errors!

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Does the Orb have the facility to make noise?


Yes, I know it's for lighting not sound ;)


But I'd really like it to beep at me when I enter invalid syntax or do something equally foolish. I'd even be happy if it called me a plonker. Anything to alert me to the problem so I don't soldier on in ignorance.


And yes I know it turns the command line red when the syntax is wrong but to be honest I don't tend to look at the screen that much (I'm usually too busy looking for the keys I want to press).


Similarly when the Orb wants me to do something (like confirm an overwrite whilst recording) it would be good if it gave the equivalent of a polite cough.


Obviously, the ability to turn the sound off would be good as well for those who think lighting desks should be seen and not heard.

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We've had requests for this already but unfortunately there isn't a facility to do this on currently shipping hardware.


However, it is listed for any future developments that we may like to do, as issue ZOS-3214, and I have added your comments to this issue.


If it ever does get implemented, there would certainly be a way to turn it off. There are several users who would dislike this feature... I guess as a professional board op, you don't want the whole auditorium to know every time you make a mistake!

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