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I'm trying to create a new fixture profile for an LED fixture. When I choose Red+, Green+ and Blue+ in the special menu it transfers to the desk as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow. I've tried every option and loaded it separatly but the only thing that makes the console display Red, Green, Blue is when the special tab is set to "None".


Any idea why this is happening?


One other question... Why is the new version of fixture editor advertised as 2.5 but when I download it it still comes up as version 2.1?



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Hi CBMatt,


Which link did you download the Fixture Editor from? There's a link on each of the product pages?


Are you running a ZerOS console? (ORB, ORB XF, Frog2, Leap Frog 48 / 96).


On ZerOS, you set which 'Colour Edit Mode' you want to work in, and it translates to work with both RGB and CMY fixtures together.


It sounds like your console is set into CMY mode. To change this, hold SETUP and COLOUR together, and change the 'Colour Edit Mode' to RGB instead of CMY.


Hope this solves your problem!

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