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Chilli-net issues

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I am having some issues with the newly instaleld chilli net in the school drama studio. I have programmed some states into the dimmers using the DMX capture but the states that come on are not what they should be.


The states that I programme into the dimmers are not the states that are replayed when I bring them up using the user panel or the playback option at the dimmers. Some of the channels just do not come up. The ones that do come on are at the correct level.


Is there a limit as to how many channels can be programmed into each state? I’m not doing anything excessive just a basic warm or cool wash.


Hope you can help.

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Hi Sara


Is it possible that some channels are set in different areas to others? The panel will be set to an area number, so could only be controlling the channels in that area.


Also, are all of your channels on one dimmer? If not, you need to capture the scene onto each of the dimmers in turn.


I hope this gives you something to look into - let us know how you get on, and if you need any further help.




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Hi Peter,


Thanks for your speedy reply.


All the channels are set to area 1. I do have 2 dimmers but they operate different rooms so I'm not trying to do any states using them both.


Channels 1-14 work fine but beyond this, nothing.


The same problem is in studio 2. There is a group of lights that will not come on when they should.


It's a rather frustrating situation.


Thank you


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quickest thing would be to give me a call or PM me a number to call you on if you can get infront of the dimmers and desk so I can go through somethigns with you. Number and address is shown below.


Other than that, there is no limit to the number of channels that can be in a single memory, but the channels levels are taken from the DMX input, manual control and current memory that is replaying.


When using a DMX input to set the channel levels you need to ensure the other two are not set or active.


For the channels go into manual control, Set all channels in Area and make sure these are at 0.


For the memories go into memory, play memory and play back area 0 memory 0. Then set the levels using the desk and record them as normal.

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