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Used the Iphone/ipod remote softwere this weekend on a Leapfrog, it works, but why should it be so hard to use the app when focusing conventional fixtures?



Is it possible to add a "focushand" function to the remote software?


For example, a numeric keypad to press channel 1-512, and then press "enter" to set the channel to 100% ??


Or/and an "next" and "prew" button to brows between channels?

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There is a way to do this, although it's not documented as the Leap Frog 48 & 96 is designed around using a fader per channel.


On the remote, select MFKs. Then change the top option to 'special'. Go onto page two (the two arrows on the top right corner change the page) and then you have a keypad. You have to have 'show command line' active, and then you can use the keypad to input syntax.


Hope this helps,

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Hi Jon,


that sounds verry interessting for me. Unfortunatly, I can't find, what you descrieb on my iPad remot.

Could you please give me a hint, where to find the MFKs on the remote?

Or did you mean to use the MFKs on the "virtual console" of the remote and user the MFKs, as you would on the physical console? That would be verry hard to use, because of these very, very tiny buttons (specialy on a remote for the leat frog 96)


Perhaps you could describe ir for dummys, again ;)


Kind regards


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Hi Sven


You can't access the MFKs on the iPad remote at the moment, only on the iPhone/Android/Windows Mobile remotes - unfrotunately the iPad remote is designed as a remote monitor tool, not as a remote control tool.


We may add this in future, but right now, this is not possible.


Kind Regards,

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