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Illusion 500 does not accept Virtual Channels in Pofiles

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I am working on a show with multiple LED Fixtures, and had to create my own Fixture Library.


For the LED's its pretty easy, one Virtual Channel, and then RGB for the Colours


a couple of them have a 4th channel for their mode.


All Simple Stuff, however when I load my Fixtures into the Ill-500, then for each fixture the colours show up under the colour window, but there is no Overall Brightness control. Which will make plotting rather difficult.


I have attached my Fixture Lib, Can Anyone give me a clue where i am going wrong.


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The reason that you have no overall dimmer channel showing is due to the Illusion not supporting the virtual dimmer channel in a fixture profile. It therefore ignores this channels when assigning the wheels.

This is the same with the original Frog Range.

It is only the newer products, Jester ML/TL and ZerOS desk that do support a virtual dimmer.

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Many thanks for you reply .. I wish that was made clear in your user manuals. The Notes about the Fixture Editor make it look as if the support for Virtual Channels is there on the ill-500.


Do you have any suggestions about using 30+ RGB LED devices on the ill-500 please ?


Many thanks



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Which LED fixtures are you using? Generally there is a mode that will include a dimming channel on the fixture.


Which document makes it sound like the Illusion supports virtual dimmers? If you can point me to which one it is, we will see if we can make it clearer.


Hope this helps,

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