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Will Frog Box play well with others?

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Aloha! I've been using a Mambo for the last four years and have been very happy with it but last week the console stopped outputting to Universe B. As a band-aid my producer just picked up a Frog Box to save our show to while we fix the Mambo and we're kicking around the idea of perhaps upgrading to a Frog 2 so we can add a broader variety of fixtures and effects (as we already have 4 different varieties of Elektralite movers and paintcans. Anyway, I'm wondering if we'll be able to first transfer our present show cues from the Mambo to the Frog Box and then to a Frog 2? and also, can we transfer shows from the Frog 2 to the Frog Box or Mambo, etc? I guess what I'm asking is if the three units will talk to each other? Can I convert the floppy Data to CD.......etc? Mahalo for your replies! B) WB

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Hi there,


The answer is a little complicated unfortunately... Basically, the Frog 2 can *import* shows from the Mambo Frog (and other Frog 1 series consoles), however the SX keys do not get loaded.


The Frog box cannot load files from the Frog 2, so this would be a one way conversion - into the Frog 2.


I hope this helps to clear things up,





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