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since d guys@88 hopfully r close to finishing the nxt update

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a new wish list.......


Next update looks great!!


But since u may be bored, when u finish it...i thought i'l give ya some suggestion...."yeah, i'm bored", which would make the desk even better :wink:


* Change the colours on the mointor display....it does strain the eyes a fair bit...white on black, with green and purple....would be better with a grey background like the illusion


* a Live/run display on monitor (does not actual need to show anything on the lcd and it can be a read only display on the VDU)


* Focus subs "availible via locking brightness"....from the guys a avolites "Preset Focuses can contain more than one Attribute" well they think its a good idea!!!!


* OFF- i.e. 3mins b4 a show u my find a parcan has melted through its mains cable :-s havent got time to unpatch it...may not be able to in some places...so basicly u can tell the desk not to output any dmx to that parcan....



* Tracking- k lots of people have asked for some easy method of moving a fixture live...well graphics tablet...so we can mark focus positions on it? so basicly we would need a "stage mode like on sirus500" so that the fixtures all go to the same place on stage.......(yeah this is a big suggestion, but it would be really nice)



* and if ya really bored and you have a change of heart..individual channel programming :?


* dwel/wait time for fixtures


Anybody got any other "wish list Ideas"?

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I don't have time to be bored, what with all the new software updates, administrating the frog and illusion support forums, updating the manuals etc :lol:


I'm not sure if we are planning any more functional updates for the Frog series at the moment, that will be up to the Sales/Marketing people to determine what impact the latest update package has had on sales and perception of the frog range.


All comments and suggestions are welcomed and even if they don't make it into the frog range, you may well see them in later products under development :wink:

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