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Record Groups with Int. Levels

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Is it possible to save individual Intensity levels when I create a group of lanterns ?


A Strand 500 feature I miss is the ability to balance a group, and then when I say "Group 1 @ full" or use the wheel .. group 1 returns to those balanced Levels.


This makes Plotting so much faster.


Is there a way to do this on the Orb ?



I suspect that one way to do this is to use Subs .. but that is not so convenient when I have a large number of groups and its not possible then to reduce the level of a group later in the editing.


Any help Much appreciated.

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Hi Simon,


You can record any data, including Intensities, into palettes, it's just that by default the desk will only select colour information when you record a colour palette, position information for a position palette and so on.


To record intensities too, just select 'Intensities' in the Record Window that pops up.


To do this, you just program the lights at the intensities you need, press RECORD COLOUR/BEAMSHAPE/POSITION (whichever you want) and then select INTENSITIES at the bottom of the record window. To recall these, just type COLOUR/BEAMSHAPE/POSITION X ENTER.


I hope this helps,

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