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Non Dim Channels

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I am using an Orb and trying to make a channel Non Dim,just like I can on the Strand 500 ( and pretty much any other desk) I dont find any mention in the user manuals. So I think I am being pretty thick and missing the obvious :rolleyes:


I have tried assigning the RELAY fixture to a channel, however I notice this expects to be connected to a relay device and the DMX vlaues still can have values other then 0 and 255.


I am using UV cannons on standard dimmers and they need to either by ON or OFF .


Any help Much Appreciated.





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Hi Simon,


You shouldn't really be using a dimming circuit to power a non-dim product, even if you switch it directly from 0% to 100%. This is because the voltage is still having to go through a triac, which the Power Supply of the unit (the UV cannon in your case) won't like. This can lead to the equipment failing.


This picture shows the waveform going through a triac. You can see how the PSU will think that it's getting turned on and off repeatedly. To get from 0% to 100%, you still have to go through 1% - 99%, even if it is very quickly.




The relay option in the fixture library is to help you identify which are the non-dimming switch packs that you have patched into the console, in the same way that you can patch a PAR Can, Houselight or Fresnel.


I hope this explains things clearly, if you would like more information please let me know,

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Thanks for the answer.. I guess that is a very nice way of saying .. your desk doesn't do that.


Having used UV cannons on non-Dim for many years and seen it done like that at all the professional venues I work at too.


Our Cannons have done over 10 years like this, so I think its ok :-)


we got round it by setting the Dimmer Law to SWITCH .. but this is a real pain as we have to remember to unset them at the getout.






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If you are happy to have your non-dim equipment attached to the dimmers, you can check that the 'beamshape' time is set to 0 as default.


The 'relay' profile in the fixture library has the channel inside beamshape, and in most circumstances you would probably want beamshape to be '0' anyway. This will do the equivalent of snapping that channel on and off.

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