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Jon Hole

Zero 88's 2010 Mince Pie Taste-Off

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Here at Zero 88, we are a big fan of a mid morning cuppa and cake. Being Christmas, it only seems right that the cake be a Mince Pie - which got us thinking: which is the best Mince Pie available?


We're not wanting the effort of home made baking, or the cost of expensive 'Tesco Finest' pies, just your standard boxed festive treat.


We're now turning to you for suggestions. Which Mince Pies will be making your Christmas special this year?


We will update this as the results come in, but so far (score out of ten):


  1. Asda (8.5)
  2. Mr Kipling (8.15)
  3. Greggs (7.5)
  4. Sainsburys (7.5)
  5. Aldi (7.15)
  6. Iceland (6.5)
  7. Morrisons (6.25)
  8. Tesco: (6)
  9. Lidl: (4.16)
  10. Sainsbury's Bakery (4)


So, let us know what we need to try next...

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