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Ease of Programming Moving heads

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Hi All

Just wonder how easy it is to program movingheads on Orb got a show coming up and first time using Orb with Movingheads. I have

previously used an older leapfrog with some varilites and we used the step function to creat a sweeping effect around Hall. I have

had a read of the manual and notice that there are some preset effects. How easy is it to create your own and add them to your

cuestack ? Apologies if its really simple but these lights are coming in on hire and was looking to be on the ball when they turn up.


Thanks Jim

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Hi Jim,


It's really easy!


A few hints and tips:


After patching your fixtures, click 'Auto Menus' in Setup > Patch and click all three options in turn (Create Auto Groups, Palettes and Macros). This will help you get started.


Now, come out of SETUP. If it's not already, press VIEW 0 ENTER. This will open View '0' which is a default view. You should see Colour, Beamshape, Possition and Group palette windows on one of your monitors - with all the automatically created palettes that the desk made when you clicked Auto Menus. Pressing SHIFT + EFFECT will open the effetcs window, with all the defualt effects in there. When you select your moving head, all the effects available to that fixture will be highlighted. You can then activate an effect by clicking it, or typing 'EFFECT X ENTER'. Pressing the 'EFFECT' button allows you to change the Size, Speed and Offset on the encoder wheels. Get the effect looking how you want, and then just program that into your cue like you would program anything else. To stop the effect, change the size to '0'. A '0' size effect is equivalent to not having an effect at all.


To go even further and create your own effect from scratch, you can click 'Effects Window' in the top left of the Effects Palette. Select the moving heads and you will see all their parameters list down the left hand side.


I hope this gets you started ok?

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