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Still problem whit lightconverse Zero88 Net-in

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Hello Again,Nobody reply me.My Spain Dealer depends of Zero88 .They sugest to install the software in another computer,i installed in three and no works,and now still wait a solution.In Lightconverse Forum they reply for Zero88 issues i must to Contact whit Zero88.Iam very disappointed whit the support.


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Hi Torrija,


It sounds to me that your dongle may be malfunctioning. If this is the case then you will need to speak to LightConverse for support - i'm not sure why they are sending you to us, as we were only the distributor of the product, not the manufacturer.


I have asked LightConverse to get in touch with you directly,



Kind Regards,





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Mike, we made a warranty replace for your dongle.


It was working, but unfortunately, after the analysis, it has been blocked due to multiple hacking attempts of access code.

You violated the EULA (REVERSE ENGINEERING part).

Therefore, we end up warranty service and a similar replacement will now be impossible!

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