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Introducing... the Rack6

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How shall I put this...


After a period of months, negotiating the purchase of a FatFrog and 8 Betapacks (hw-dmx) as new equipment after the move of our small theatre, wringing out the maximum from a minimal budget, and driving my local supplier and the distributer mad, they proudly introduce the new Rack-6 dimmer pack for about half the price of a Betapack.

That's 10% of the agreed total price.

I could have bought more packs, or a Bull perhaps. Lights? Huh...

But we're opening at the end of april, so time is up.

I foresee I'm not wearing my Zero88 Tshirt during the first weekend.

While firmly biting in a towel, I would like to say: RRRRRMMMMNNRRRRMNMNNNNNNN...


But hey, 88's, when you manage to come over here for the prime party, the drinks are on the house!

I'll even mix them myself for you!

:D:lol::):o :? :( :cry: :roll: :P :evil: :twisted: 8)


And do give that Offline editor desk a better resolution. It's horrible !!!

(double click, faster, much faster, click-click, don't breath between clicks, CLICK--CLICK, ... )

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Sorry but it is difficult to launch new product if you tell people too early as it means you stop selling the old product in the meantime....that means losing business.

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Ok, I prefer it a bit stirred.

I've seen them now and all is explained.

The Rack-6 is a more humble device then the Betapack. Depends on the amount of acceptable failures. (But yet to be proven for the rack!)

And so the price, in a reciprocal relation.

Launching is counting, lounging is timeless.

And a potbelly Frog has touched down here, carrying the 8 betaparcels.

:wink: :D

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