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Spice 1210 no good with Artnet

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Hi all,


I'm having problems with one of my Spice 1210 dimmers and controlling it with DMX via Artnet.

I have a LeapFrog96 sending Artnet to a ELC dmXLAN node8. This works great with all my moving heads and three other Spice 1210 dimmer blocks. However the on dimmer block will show the following in the LCD:

DMX: 1

Temp: OK



Temp: OK



Temp: OK


After the last message it will go back to the first (DMX: 1/Temp: OK). Like I said three other dimmer blocks are recieving the same signal and have no problems with it. The dimmer block with the problem seems th have different firmware from the other three. It has a menu item to see the supply status, the other three do not have this menu item. The failing block has SN: 0130041 03******. When I connect the block directly to the LeapFrog's DMX output everything works fine. When I try to output data from an Swisson X-MT-120 DMX tester the dimmer block also fails. I'm guessing it has something to do with the update frequency of the DMX signal. And without pointing finger it seems the error is with the dimmer block :-)


Have you heard of theis error before and is there a new/old firmware I can load to the dimmer instead?


Thanks very much!

Best regards

Kresten Bager



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This is not something we have come across before, but from the dimmer serial number that you have given it about 7 years old so it will certainly not be running latest version of firmware.


Please PM me on the address below so we can go through the options availble to get your dimmers firmware updated.

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