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Mambo Frog Disk Question

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I'm sure this must have been asked or discussed before, but after searching around I can't find it if it's there.


On a Mambo Frog, and proberly others, what happens when the data in the desk is more than a standard disk can hold. IE, my show file is currently about 1.1mb, what happens when that reaches 1.4mb.

We currently have about 100 chases, 4 pages of submasters (made of some chases and some channel data) and almost all SX full (all chases) 5 types of fixtres installed, the rest deleted to save space.

I now need to write more chases, but am curious as to what happens with a full disk, after all there are 1000 chases listed in the desk, surely they wern't designed to be 2 step chases, and most of mine are simply 4 step chases.





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