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Jester 48 & ML slave mode

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I have been trying to run my Jester 48 in slave mode with my ML, I have followed all instructions on the ML’s manual and slave seems to work only with our generic lights or no lights at all.


The DMX addresses are as follows:


1 – 48 is for my dimmers

49 – 114 for my 4 Martin Mac 250’s Entours (16 channels each)

Then 115 onwards are for 8 Martin Pro 400 Roboclours (5 channels each)


All on the same DMX line.

I have the two boards (the 48 and ML) connected in exactly the same way as on the ML’s manuals diagram for slave. With the 5pin cable linking the two desks, and I’m 99.99% sure I have sorted out all phasing with the DMX everywhere. I’ve tested everything that I could to my knowledge that could be the problem. (phasing, cables connection, cable breaks, addressing)



So here’s what happens,

I set the 48 up for slave (as in the ML’s manual)

Then set the ML up. The ML automatically patches the channels 1 – 48 to correspond with our dimmers. (No Macs or Roboclours addressed yet but are still connected on the DMX line)

Then if I put the ML into preset mode, and if I turn up channels on our 48, the ML displays the percentages and the lights come on. So that works 100% fine. So up to now, slave is working.


Now when I try address the Mac 250s and the Roboclours to the ML aswell, I all of a sudden loose all the control of our dimmers (channels 1 – 48) and after that, nothing on the ML works until I reset the desk(ML).


The problem seems to me to be when I address the dimmers with the Mac’s and the Roboclours, because when I run the Macs and Roboclours by themselves (no dimmers addressed) everything is fine.

So I can run the dimmers and (Macs and Roboclours) independently in slave but not at the same time and I can’t figure out the problem, the board just sort of crashes.


I’m running 3.0 firmware on the ML and 3.4 on the 48, and I’ve also updated the fixture library on the ML.


If you could give any help or advice, I would really appreciate it.




Jason Russell

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