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Moving head multiple subs at once like avolites pearl?

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Right i am completely confused with this topic and have tried every possible combination of things to try and do it.


I am trying to have one sub with a position movement on

one submaster with a colour chase on

and one submaster with a dimmer chase on

so that i can mix looks like you can on avolites pearl where you can have 3 running at once so that your layering up a look.


Can this be done on a Fat Frog or not?



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Hi Josh


Yes, this is possible - you'll need to run the desk in Partial Mode - to do this, go into Super User (+, - and ENTER) and select Desk Setup, Program Mode and choose Partial.


Now only moving light attributes you change will be stored, like 'record by channel' on the Avolites Pearl. Changed attributes are 'tagged' for recording - to untag them, hold down SHIFT and move the wheel - the LCD display will change to ---.


Note that the default setting in Partial mode will always store intensity channels for all fixtures in all memories/subs, so if you don't want the sub to control intensity, wheel it down before recording.


I hope this helps,





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