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Betapack 2

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Last year we moved into a new school building and got lots of new gear. The company that did it took the 6 Betapack 2's and took them to the new hall, but only fitted 3 of them so we have 3 not being used.


I am wondering if its possible to convert them into portable units so we can use them in various different locations.


We would like to fit the 2 DMX terminations on the front and connect the relevant power in the back.


Would anyone be able to suggest how we do this, or where we can get it done.




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Hi Si (Welcome to the Forum!),


Your question is slightly confusing as the Betapack 2s are already portable units! I would have thought you just need to install them into a wheeled 19" rack and you're away! (For example http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/32066-samson-srk-8-universal-rack-stands.html) I suspect your biggest issue is having a suitable 32A or 63A outlet at the location where you take the rack to - you could run a Betapack from a single 13A socket but that would severely limit the amount of lighting your could attach (3000W total, say 500W per channel).


If the Betapacks don't already have a cable tail and plug fitted then you will need to get some advice from someone competent/qualified with electrical installations. For example you might want 2 metres of 6mm2 TRS cable and a 32A IEC plug (single phase) wiring into the Betapack supply inlet (behind the back cover). This will all depend on what electrical outlets are available where you want to use the dimmers.


Please ask again with some more specific ideas/requirements and we'll try to flesh out a bit more what you might need. Ultimately you'll need to find someone competent to do the electrical work.




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