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Tagging Fixtures

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I'm sure someone's covered tagging before, but I have a Fat Frog (in partial mode) with all the faders being used. I added some additional pars with no way to add them except to use some portable dim packs and assign them as fixtures. I tried programming two lights that are assigned to fixtures to a memory and it wouldn't record them. I believe I was tagging them(?), but from reading the manual- I don't fully understand the difference between when the yellow led's are flashing or the red led's are flashing. AND/OR if you tag the fixtures, make the changes you want then un-tag the fixtures before recording, etc. I know it can be done 'cause I've done it before (I'm actually trying to edit a particular memory), but this console's in our youth room which I get to twice or 3 times a year so I forget a lot between times... AND, would it be better for me to be in full mode??

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