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Transfering Illusion Show Files to Frog

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I'm currently on tour with an Illusion 120 (a bit old school, I know). However, it's on loan and the venue we're borrowing it from want it back for a week in the middle of Feb. All of the venues we're going to that week are on Frogs, so if we did have to replot, it wouldn't be a massive deal, but I was wondering if the show files were compatible? I seem to remember reading somewhere that although they shared the same extension, the format was completely different... However I've just tried loading my illusion file into Phantom Frog, where it seems to have transfered fine, with channel data and times as they should be. I have used Phantom Frog previously and then found that when I put the show onto a real frog, there are a few glitches, so I just wanted to check whether Phantom Frog was telling the truth, or if it was just a bit of a flukey magic load?





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Hi Dairmund


Loading Illusion show files into any of the Frog series consoles (or ZerOS consoles) isn't officially supported. You may find that certain data gets loaded, due to similiarities in their showfile format, but there is no official support for this feature and as such we can't guarantee that it will work. Your best bet would be to try it in Phantom and then look at some of the cues to see if they look okay - it might be a good starting point at least, to save you rebuilding the whole show file.


I hope this helps,





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