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Fixtures instead of Pallets

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Last week I was programming a show on a ML48, it struck me that to select a fixture, edit an attribute and then do the same for a 2nd fixture (different attribute, same page) requires a large number of button pushes. In this show, I wasn't using pallets at all and it seems strange to not be able to always be able to display fixtures when on the Position, Beamshape and Colour Pages.


Would it be possible to (perhaps by pushing Shift + Fixtures) to lock the fixtures pages into view when editing attributes.



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Your suggestion has been logged for consideration in a future software update, reference number JES-2982.


The button combination SHIFT + FIXTURES is already used to set the shifted wheel editing mode for brightness, do you have another suggestion for how you would like to see this work?


It's important to make it easy to see that this mode is activated and to exit it, so that users who use palettes don't get confused by the new functionality, thinking the desk is broken because they can't see their palettes any more.

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