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hi there

i dont know if anyone can help me....i have a sirius 500 second hand desk bought off ebay.....the desk works fine with most my fixtures but when i set up some fixtures like martin 518 pro it works when you first set up .but after the lamp wont come on i tried a differant fixture (varytech) and the same thing happens all the controls work fine like pan tilt etc...but i cant get the light to come on.

am i missing something very easy here.


please help me.

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Did you opened the shutter and/or set the the Dimmer channel to 100%?


Please check

- the fader assigned to the fixture

- the "red" preset A fader

- the "master" fader

- if the shutter is open and the dimmer activated (beam shape)


Please set all those faders to 100% and - depending on the fixture -

check if you have to open the shutter to activate the dimmer functionality

on a separate channel.

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