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Phantom Show Loading Problem

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I wanted to edit a show on the PC which I have saved onto USB stick. So I launched the Phantom went to Super User and LOAD SHOW, it then showed the correct file (the only one on the USB stick), I chose ENTER, came out of super user mode and found that the previous show was still in the Phantom - it hadn't loaded the show from the memory stick.


So, I then copied the show off the stick to the desktop, went back to super user and tried to load the show from the desktop - it still wouldn't load the show!


So, I then went back into super user mode, chose the option to CLEAR MEMS/SUBS, this didn't clear them either! So went back to the SU menu and chose RESET DESK, still no joy!


Thinking that there was a problem with the PC (running on Windows XP) at the theatre, I came home and installed Phantom Jester on my Windows 7 PC, then ran the Phantom (as administrator) and found I couldn't load the show either on this PC!


I'm stuck now - as I don't appear to be able to load a show anymore into the Phantom Jester! This is worrying, as I don't know if it is a Phantom problem, or whether it is our desk that isn't saving the show properly.


Any ideas?


I have zipped the show file and attached it to this post






PS. I have just tried to load a previous show file which we have sucessfully edited on the PC in the past and this won't load into the Phantom now either! (will attach this file to the post).





Jester 24/48 v3.3 Software

Phantom Jester v2.5


PC's OSes

Windows XP Professional 32 bit

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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