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Keypad unresponsive

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We have had an issue recently with the key pad on our TL becoming unresponsive. When this happens all of the keys on the numeric pad seem to stop responding in program/record mode (except the @ key oddly). So typing "20 @ 50 <Enter>" produces just "@".


Switching into setup mode and going into the test option indicates that the keys are working and are sending the correct values. The only way to get the keypad back into normal operation seems to be a restart.


We have version 2.3 installed and I notice in the release notes for version 2.4 that it fixes JES 2713 which says "the command line is now enabled/disabled correctly after closing pop-up windows on the Main LCD in Program Mode". I was just wondering if what we are experiencing is related to that fault. I don't know if the problem has followed a pop up window as it hasn't done it to me, and the guy it did happen to isn't sure what leads up to the problem.


I plan to upgrade anyway but won't be able to do so for a couple of weeks.

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not had this reported since we release 2.4. could you pm me on the address below with the desk serial number and if you could let me know which mode you were in when the keypad stopped responding.

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