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selected Pallette led behavior

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My first Topic.

I really like to work with my Mambo, especially Live with partial mode.

E.g. the Pallttes for beamshape I use like this:


first Row: Gobos

second Row: Rotating Gobos

third Row: Effects

fourth Row: Turning of the Gobos or Effects with increasing or decreasing speed.


Now I can select for differnt fixtures different Gobos with different Effects and Different turnings in a while.

Wouldnt it be nice to see which buttons are active at the output of the currently tagged Fixtures (the leds are blinking).

And for those who are currently at the output and are not tagged (the leds are on). A bit alike with the SX buttons.

Working would be much faster and more exactly and you dont need to look at the monitor all the time to find out where the

Button supposes to be you are liking to press next.


Thanks for your answer, I know the Mambo is too old to invest much time in programming new features but maybe...

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