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extended fixtures??

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:roll: i was just wondering, well hoping really if there was any chance of extending my fixtures from 12 - onwards.ON my FAT FROG without having to share channels for each pair of robotics, is there an extention pack or new updates that will help me with this ?

thanks D.

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Firstly, the Fat Frog desk is specified with 12 moving fixtures.


If you wish to run more fixtures from the desk, you can control two or more fixtures of the same fixture type from one 'fixture' on the desk by setting their DMX start addresses to the same values. Obviously this will result in the fixtures all having the same outputs.


If you want individual control of more than 12 moving light fixtures, then you may want to consider the Leap Frog which has 24 fixtures, or the Mambo Frog which has 96 fixtures.


This point was also raised in one of the other forums by another user. CLICK HERE


I suggest you have a look at the responses, particularly the one from NZ

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There is another brutal way which only works with lights that don't have HTP addresses. In other words the beam on/off is on an LTP attribute. You can write your own fixture that has multiple channels. If you had a simple 4 channel fixture then you would do it as follows:


Chan 1 Pan Fix 1

Chan 2 Tilt Fix 1

Chan 3 Colour Fix 1

Chan 4 Beam Fix 1

Chan 5 Pan Fix 2

Chan 6 Tilt Fix 2

Chan 7 Colour Fix 2

Chan 8 Beam Fix 2


You would patch it as one fixture so for instance if you patched it to DMX 1 you would have to make the start address on Fix 1 DMX 1 and Fix 2 DMX 5.


When programming you would select the fixture button, selecting colour would see Fix 1 on one wheel and Fix 2 on another. It would be very nasty to do this on a 20 channel fixture. That said I have programmed quiet happily 36 fixtures on Fat Frog using this. They were all 12 channel fixtures and I treated the brightness as a LTP parameter and put them into the beam area.


Using the fixture editor software you can set up quiet nicely how the wheels work and give the attributes names so you know what is where.


Hope that helps.

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