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Hi there,

bit of a newbie to using the Fat Frog desk, but i need help ready for august :)

The theatre which i will be doing the lighting has 8 moving heads (4 Mac 250+ , 4 Robe Spot 250CT)

How would i be able to eg: Program a search like scene on the stage? but for step 1, make the lighting move into their positions by pressing the GO button.



Sorry but i have no experience on these desks




Alex :)

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hey there alex


once you have the movers running on the desk and have controll of them , the best thing i can sujjest is that you select the fixtures you want to use for the search light scene , then leave them open white , no gobo or colour , then press the position button or the wheel group button till you see


Effect Size X Size Y



that will allow you to make shapes with the beams e.g. figure of 8 triangle circle


set the sizes to what ever you wish , then press position or wheel group again and you can set the speed and offset ,so they either do or dont move in sync



save that as a memory then program the postion you want straight after and take of the ltp fade time , and set postion to snap and then save that as the memory after




Memory 1 : seachlights , movers making shapes

memory 2 : snap to position



i hope that helps ,


best of luck and hope i can help you more :)


fellow frog newbie

Sam :)


one other thing alex ,


had a flick through the forums


you might find this usefull




its a training presentation on the fat frog ,


aka a get you started guide


hope it helps

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