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Stopping movement effects on submasters

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1. Is there any way i can patch the shutter attribute to the brightness, on the robe DMX008 is the shutter, could i patch 0-64 ie shutter closed to open to the brightness somehow, or should i rewrite the fixture file.


2. Is there a way i could write a memory which when the sub is brought down it triggers a scene where the robe is in its home position with the shutter closed.


3. Is it a problem with HTP/LTP setup, i know how to change this but doesn't seem any logical reason why i need to.


Please help as I have absolutely no idea why this is not working







1. You have to modify the fixture file so that fixtures shutter channel is assigned as brightness. After that program every scene or submaster with a brightness value of maximum 64, so that a submaster or Playback X Fader set on 100% will output 64. When you lower submaster/playback X, brightness will decrease propotional until zero. It could be quiet handy to set home value of brightness within the fixture file to 64, too.


2. It is similar to a problem I had recently:



I suggested the feature at this place and hope it'll get an Frog Reference Number soon. Maybe you like to bump it up with showing your interest on this feature,too :rolleyes: :



At the moment you have to workaround this by programming an extra "stop"-submaster, which you have to trigger manually, after you lowered your first submaster.


3. LTP means that the latest values stay 'till another value is triggerd. All channels except brightness (of fixtures & generics) are LTP channels (including your moving efects). HTP means that always the highest set value will be put out, no matter if it comes from presets/brighness wheel, submaster, or Playback X, until somewhere a higher value is set or the highest value is lowered. HTP is intended for all the brightness stuff.

So if brightness & shutter are on the same channel (or even have some other functions like gobos on this channel, like some of those damn clay paky stuff has *grrrr* :angry: ) and this channel is not assigned as brightness within the fixture file,it won't be controllable via faders.

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Thanks everyone for your input. i'll try re-writing the fixture file but havn't done this for the frog before, still ive got the software so i'm sure it will work!


otherwise new 'stop' scene.


I don't know what software the desk is - its a venue's own, not mine. I will upgrade it though its been in about 2 years.





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I just looked at the DMX Table of those 150XTs. Shutter/Strobe, Dimmer & Gobofunction on one channel ...kotz0.gif

You may encounter the problem of, when this channel is on e.g. 200, because you want to project Gobo 7, you won't be able to reduce brightness, because the higher DMX value of Gobo 7 takes a higher precedence (HTP principle) in comparison to the values you use for brightness. It seems that the combined usage of the features "Gobo" and "Dimming" is not possible with this fixture. At the moment I don't see any comfortable solution for this problem. Those combined channels always suck. I try to avoid having such fixtures on my desks (no matter if its a Frog or not).

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