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Desk randomly locks up when USB keyboard connected

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Last night, I was going about my business when I noticed a few lights on stage had started flashing on and off. I returned to the desk and hit blackout, but nothing happened - not even the light flashed on the button. I tried lowering the grand master, but that still showed as 100% on the monitor.


We've not had the desk long, but haven't noticed it do anything like this before. The only thing I can think of that's different is that for the first time, I had a USB keyboard plugged in.


I'm not sure of the software/hardware versions, but it's a brand new desk with a sticker on the underside saying it was manufactured in Feb 09.


Is this something that's been heard of before? Is it likely to be a problem with the keyboard we're using, or something? The desk behaved perfectly after I removed the keyboard and powered it off and back on, but I'd like to be confident that it's not going to happen again any time soon.

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Tried it again tonight; left the desk sitting there, just one channel up in preset mode, and after around 60-90 minutes, that channel went dark.


Went back to the desk, and realised that the channel was still showing FF on the monitor, but moving the fader, or pressing any buttons did nothing.


If it helps, here's the bits and pieces from the Superuser menu:


Jester 48 r2 V3.2

0010900 XXXXXXXX Moderation: Serial number removed from public view


USB Host


RPRG 1.00R


Again, we had a keyboard plugged in - it's been perfectly happy with no keyboard. I had to unplug the desk in order to get it to respond.

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We have had this exact problem too!! During a tech run, random lights were flashing.


We did find that this was an issue only when the USB keyboard was connected. It runs perfect when not plugged in.


Just noticed the patch for 3.3 to cure the problem. Nice one guys :)

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