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Does anyone have a show on the fatfrog which they would be willing to send me for traning purpouses. I am giving someone a introduction to using the Fat Frog Board (using the phantom frog) and would be really good if I could use an e.g. show. Preferably one using Generic and Moving fixtures would be ideal. The show would be deleted as soon as the training was finished.





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I would be interested in your show files if you could send me some :)


I did have several disks with Fat Frog, Bull Frog and Mambo Frog shows based on our demo room rig, but people borrowed them and I haven't seen them since :cry:

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Hi Guys,

I do have a training show for the Fat and the same setup for a Mambo from the last Workshop I could give them as a "christmas gift".... :wink:

It´s including 24 HTPs, 8 MAC 500 & 4 MAC 600, Program Mode is Partial!!!


Just send me a mail and it will be responded a.s.a.p.!



Best regards



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I am wanting an example show to play around with and to train my sub-techies with. We're using 4 MAC 500s (paired up) and 2 ChromaBanks (paired up too). plus about 18 channels of generics (12 pars, rest profiles/fresnels and a few floods).


if someone could send me a show with a few cues/chases etc that would be grand. if you pm me for email address so the spam bots don't find it on the forums.



Ben M

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