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Sirius 24 analogue socket pinout

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I have got the following problem:

In an old venue a Sirius 24 lighting desk (don't know which revision) is installed and connected to dimmers via the 25-pin Sub-D analogue out.

Unfortunately I can't access the console at the moment to figure out the pinout - which channel is what pin and which one is earth.


To provide you some background information: Since this Desk has no DMX-Interface we want to utilize a simple 72 chan. Demux called "Botex DMX Multiexchanger" to connect our Jester to the Dimmers. And since we don't know what dimmers are installed, we try to conclude from the pinout of the Sirius desk to that of the analogue dimmers.


I'd be pleased about some information. Thank you!




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I'd suggest taking a careful look at the desk, as it's possible that someone in the past could have rewired the connector to suit the dimmers they were connecting it to. You also need to know what voltage the Sirius has been set to output (5V / 10V / 15V), and whether the optional negative output kit has been fitted in the desk.


A few minutes metering the desk outputs and checking the wiring would pay dividends in ensuring you don't damage anything when installing the new kit.

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You're right.

Metering is compulsory and will be done in any case.


But the problem is that the sirius desk is "out of reach" now and by the time the event takes place i'd like to be prepared to lose as few time as possible.

Is there a standard pinout for analogue outputs of zero88 consoles or at least for the sirus supposed it is standard and not manually customized?

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