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Wouldn't it be useful to have some BETA-testers?


Yes it would :)


We tried this approach with the new moving light software on the Illusion 500 and got some useful comments and feedback prior to releasing the software.


When we have assessed the scale of work required to implement and test the next frog updates package, we may make Beta versions available to registered testers .. but that will be up to NZ to decide :wink:


I think there is already a Beta Testers group set up on this forum; I will check as it was probably set up before I took over Site Admin.

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Hi K-Nine,

There is a Beta Test forum on this site but I believe it is only visible to registered beta testers. It only appeared on this forum for me after I become a tester.


I think you are right. This appears to work in the same way as the Illusion forum, ie only registered members of the forum can apply to be a beta tester, once they are accepted, they are added into the Beta Testers usergroup which gives them visibility and access to the Beta test forum.

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Hi All


If you want to be a beta tester register with K-Nine. You will get access to early versions of the next release and can give us your feedback. Always remember however that it is beta software and as a result may crash. Be careful if using in show critical environments.


By the way have a good festive season!

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L8 is asking nicely but we haven't got moving fixtures installed yet would this matter?


The next update package includes features that apply to the generic channels as well as those which are specific to fixtures ... I will add you to the Beta Testers :)

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whats a "interim Beta releases" can i be a "Beta tester"....very bored at the mo


Beta software is the name that is given for intermediate or prototype releases of software inbetween official releases.


The Beta versions are used when implementeing new or modified functionality and bug fixes and we sometimes make them available to registered Beta testers to try out new and modified functionality etc.


This way we can get more testing done on the software than is possible with the limited resources and facilities in-house.


The software is also being tested in a more realistic environment with real lighting rigs etc.


We welcome feedback and comments from Beta testers as it helps us make the software better and provide the operation and interfaces that the users are looking for.


I will add you to the Beta Test Usergroup.


When a Beta version of software is available you will be notified.

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Hey K-Nine,

Does this :

I have added you to the usergroup ... see PM for details

Mean that there will be a new release of the software at some point? Because to quote the e-mail you sent me when I asked to be a beta tester...

If we do another feature update for the Frog series, then I will add you to the Beta Test Usergroup.

Please say the answer is yes... and if so, please remember to add me to the Beta Test Usergroup!


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Hi K-nine

I would like to join the growing list of interested people who are Beta testers. Would you please sign me up. I am desparate to try out version 10. :?


I have added you to the Beta Test User group. Details of Version 10 software will be posted in due course.

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