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Carl Ehrhardt

new forumarangement?

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We took the decision to reorganise the Leap Frog 48/96, Frog 2 and Orb forums, as the software (ZerOS) is common to all these desks. Many topics, particularly relating to the Offline Editor, Remote, Software Releases etc, are relevant for all desks, and so combining some forums makes it easier to find relevant information without searching multiple forums.


At the same time we have removed the distinction between Bugs, Feature Requests, and Questions for ZerOS desks (in the same way as the Jester Range forums are organised). It should now be easier to find or post a topic, without having to first work out if the problem is a bug, a missing feature, or a question about how the desk works.


An additional benefit is that the new organisation reduces the number of forums, and so you can see more on your screen without having to scroll down. We hope most people will like it, however as always we're open to feedback, so let us know what you think.

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