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ZerOS is the name for the operating software which runs the Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96 and Frog 2 consoles. It will also be used on the ORB console.


ZerOS traces it's roots back to 1996 when work commenced on the Sirius 250 and 500 consoles. These consoles were groundbreaking in their complexity and featureset, with functions such as Palettes and CueLine. After the Sirius 250 and 500 came the Illusion 120 and 240, bringing many of the features of the Sirius to the affordable theatre desk for the first time.


Development for the original Frog range began in 1999, with moving light control and generic 2 preset operation integrated for the first time at an astonishing price point. This led to the development of the Illusion 500, which built upon the effects engine and CueLine capabilities. As with all of the products by Zero 88, user feedback drove the development of the original Frog range and Illusion range, and this philosophy has carried into the ZerOS consoles too.


The software base now known as ZerOS was drawn together from it's ancestors in 2002 when development of the Frog 2 started, prior to it's launch in September 2004. ZerOS has had 7 years to mature into the stable, powerful software base we now use. Initially the software was developed using the Windows XP Embedded operating system, then later ported to the Linux distribution which we use today. The software is common to several products, which maximises the benefit of software development for as many users as possible. As lighting technology has moved on, ZerOS has gained Ethernet support, Colour Pickers and Tracking features, making it our most powerful software base ever.


Various off-shoot products such as Alcora/Elara, Diablo and the Jester range were created during this period and the current Jester range maintains the philosophy of a single software base for multiple products.


Development continues on ZerOS with the ORB console currently scheduled to show at the Frankfurt Messe (Pro Light & Sound) show on 1st April 2009 featuring a revamped user interface and further powerful software features. Watch this space for updates!

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