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Loading show from USB stick

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I must say what a fantastic piece of software the Phantom is - allowing me to "tweak" shows offline - we have a PC in the LX Control Room and can tweak settings without worrying about messing up a live show on the desk! :)


I've brought the usb memory stick home from the theatre tonight, as I wanted to do some offline editing. When I insert the USB stick in to the PC and go to load the show in super user mode (having first set the path in the Settings option) it only allows me to load the show with the latest date (LWF-FULL).


I have 4 shows at present stored on the stick, and want to look at the settings from one of the older saved shows (LWFORIG).


If I use the up and down arrows either by clicking on them on the Front Panel or by using the up and down arrows on my keyboard the LCD screen just flashes quickly saying "WORKING" then reverts back to the last saved show (LWF-FULL). Similarly if I use the left and right arrows the flashing chevrons alternate between CANCEL and OK.


The 4 files on the stick are as follows:-


LWF-FULL.JSF 128KB 30/01/2009 22:14

LWF.JSF 128KB 30/01/2009 17:22

LWFORIG.JSF 128KB 30/01/2009 19:33

LWF-3001.JSF 128KB 30/01/2009 19:44


Any Ideas?





ps. Forgot to mention that I'm using the latest version v2.1 of the Phantom Jester and our 24/48 desk is v3.2 firmware.

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Apologies for thread bumping, but it didn't seem to be worth vreating a new thresd. I have been trying do the same last night and I am having the same problems reading an older showfile from a stick into Phantom.


There are 4 showfiles on the USB stick and I can only load 1 file, regardless of filename (originally I thought is was alphabetically or the last saved but it's not) if I try to scroll through the files I get a 'Working' for a fraction of a second and then the same file offered.

Any of the files will all open if they are the only file on the drive, they were all on the root directory of the stick.


At first I was using an older Phantom, V2.1, running software V3.2. but I downloaded the newest version from the website last night, running V3.4 with no change.


The 4 files are:

NUTCRACK : 06/08/2009 12:57

SHOW01 : 26/01/2010 20:08

Testing : 27/01/2010 08:10

WedPanto : 26/01/2010 20:03 * This is the file that is offered each time


(If I re-name a file to be ZZZ, then WEDPANTO is still offered)


I am nowhere near the desk so I can't confirm that I can choose these files from the desk.


Thanks, Neil





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Unfortunately this is a bug in Phantom Jester when looking for JSF show files. It does not affect Phantom JesterML, Phantom JesterTL, or any of the actual desks. It will be fixed in the next version of Phantom Jester (reference JES-2988).


To work around the problem for now, *hide* any other unwanted JSF files from Phantom Jester, either by renaming them to a different file extension, or by moving them into a subdirectory.

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