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Cleaning the flash buttons

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I've not played with that desk so I'm presuming you can remove the boards from inside with the flash buttons intact. I would then give them a thorough dowsing of a good switch cleaner with a fine extension spray nozzle such as Servisol getting the nozzle into the small hole you'll find on the sides of the switch. (Watch out that you don't knock the tops off and lose the very tiny springs.)


Keep repeatedly pushing the switch a few times and allow to dry out before and powering up. That ought to get a number of them working. If not, contact Keith Rogers at Zero88 to see if these switches are still available.


Good luck ....... Robin

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The buttons on the XL are constructed of 6 separate parts.

5 of the parts are used to make up the mechanical section of the switch, the 6th part is actually a carbon pad on the PCB.

Have a look at the attached picture.

The normal cause of buttons not working correctly is wear/accumulated dirt on the carbon pad or the rubber contact.

If you are careful you can wipe the pads clean with a cotton bud, soaked with a small amount of switch cleaner.



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