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newbie question

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And now probably one of the stupidest question from me, lol


What does LTP & HTP mean ?

What function does it have ?


Im sort of new to lighting, but...

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Hi Daoops,

no question can be stupid!!! :wink:


A short translation of HTP&LTP


HTP= Highest Takes Presense= DIM or Brightness Values which have the highest DMX Value are seen at the luminaires. All Dim-Channels and even the defined Dim-Channels of fixtures are HTP by default.


LTP= Latest Takes Presense= All other Channels of a fixture, i.e. Colour,Beamshape etc.. Imagine a colour change....mem1 = Red DMX-value 20; change to mem2= blue DMX-value 10, You start with mem1 which includes also a beamshape and a position, now you want to change the colour only and start mem2 (mem1 still active) as HTP it wouldn´t happen anything, as LTP the colour changes, because mem2 is the latest "trigger" to the colour channel of the fixture.


I hope this is described to understand the difference. :?:







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