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Teis Karstens

Software version 4.3.0 hangup

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Hi all


I have a problem with a FROG 2 running software version 4.3.0. Then I save a show to a USB stick the FROG 2 hangup, and the only way to get the desk runing again is to cut power and turn on again.




Teis :(

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Hi Teis


Sorry to hear about your troubles - it's not something we've heard of before. Some questions...


-Does this happen on all the USB ports, or only on a specific one?

-Does it happen with all USB sticks, or just a specific one?

-Have you used any previous software versions on this desk, and did they work OK?

-Can you save your showfile to CD OK?

-Is it a big showfile (lots of fixtures patched, lots of memories programmed etc)?


These answers will help us work out what is going on.


Also, could you PM me the serial number for your desk (don't post this in the public forum), so that we can track your desk in our system and check what hardware combination it has.


Many thanks,

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