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Illusion 500 Moving Light Software Release 1.8

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Illusion 500 Moving Light Software Release 1.8


This addresses a number of problems found in previous versions:


Illusion Reference 4686 Autorepeat is now disabled on Go button.


Illusion Reference 4692 VGA monitor timing is adjusted for better compatibility with monitors (especially flat panels).


Illusion Reference 4728 Submasters now remember names and chase speed settings correctly.


Illusion Reference 4767 The primary fixture is now indicated correctly in the Program Window.


Illusion Reference 4769 Wheel Group information is now loaded correctly from fixture files.


To download the new software CLICK HERE


Download the zip file onto your PC, unzip the file, copy the illusion.osf file onto a new or freshly formatted floppy disk, then upgrade your desk in the normal way. The procedure is practically identical to that for upgrading Frog desks, CLICK HERE for details.


Note: This is the same version as released to beta testers on 1 July 2008. There is no need for beta testers to upgrade to this release - it is the same file.

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