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I want more preset pages as well... Yes I do!

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9 pages of presets for a band on tour is not enough. Especially when there are 19 songs in the set.


I ha to divide every page in half and that left me 6 easily accessible queues for every song. Not enough. and the last song, I had to run out of memory. BLEK.


Allow me to use the little dots on the LED for the page to have 1 thru 9 .1 thru .9 and maybe even a third bank. Use the F3 key for bank select (or just allow them to cycle, but turn this feature on and off in super user so that novices don't get to page .3 and wonder where there page 3 is...)


Yes, I know, I still have to live within the limits of what the desk can remember, but damn it, I don't care about 400 memories, I want the memories that I create to be accessible as submasters. YES I DO!!!!


Think about it, this desk is designed for all kinds of users, right? The club touring market is one that you want. Bands have more than 9 songs in a set, and more live music LD's place their queues on the submasters not in the memory stack to run a show. (especially in clubs where you don't know what the house system will look like from day to day.) This feature is just the RIGHT thing to do for this desk.



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I read that topic thread yesterday. It dissolves into chase rates and movement effects. What I thought that I had to contribute was the idea of turning on the feature in super user mode(I like the idea that advanced features can be turned on or off, but are off by default so that new uesers to the desk don't have to cope with as much information all at once, and old users of the desk can customise it so that they don't have to "deal" with all the newfangled functionality), and the use of the f3 key as a bank swap option (f3+next or previous page moves to a new bank), and the utilization of the dot on the page LED as an indicator of the extra bank that you are now in.


I was trying to offer a solution to the problem instead of just wailing that you need something new.


Does the offering of a possible solution enhance when this suggested feature might get serious consideration instead of just sitting on the to-do list.

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