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Update submaster names when submaster is linked to a memory.

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I just built an entire show in a hurry, (recorded the memories, then dumped them to submasters.) THEN later I went back and updated the names of the memories. but the NAME didn't transfer to the submaster even though the submaster updated when I changed the contents of the memory queue.


This mean that I had to re-transfer the memory to the submaster again after naming it. Sloppy. Silly. Oversight.


Just make sure that ALL attributes of the submaster are updated when it's linked to a memory and the memory changes.



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When a memory is transferred onto a submaster, it's name, fade times etc are copied onto the submaster.


The only link between the submaster and the memory is the actual channel/fixture data stored in the scene/chase memory.


Once the memory has been transferred, all the submaster parameters are then independently editable by the user as required, and do NOT affect the original memory on the memory stack.


This is something that we modified in version 9.0 of the frog software as a result of numerous requests from users, such that the HTP fade times, LTP fade time and LTP actions could all be adjusted as required on all submasters, regardless of whether they contained channel/fixture data which had been programmed directly, or contained a transferred memory.


Previously submasters with channel data were manual only and none of the fades or LTP actions could be adjusted.


The current situation is that once a memory has been transferred onto a sub, the only thing that will affect the submaster data is editing the memory contents (ie the channel/fixture data of the scene/chase).

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