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Basic Setup + DMX address'

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We just want it to WORK now,

Me and my group of amatures trying to set up the lights for this ****ed concert,

It was working friday, but someone sabotaged the equipment, now we need to manually reset everything.


Okay, we have 4 dimmer racks

Each with 6 channels

Each with two plug sockets


Each dimmer is daisy chained to the next.



Rack one has the DMX address of = 100

Rack two = 200

Rack three = 300

Rack four = 400


Now, Rack one, Channel 1 has 2 lights plugged in, however on our frog, when we raise channel 1, 4 lights come on, we suspect its because of a clash in DMX address'

Any tips Guys

I Love You if you can fix this, honestly.

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The easiest way to get everything going again is to go back to the default DMX patch on the Frog, which will give you 48 channels patched 1:1. Go to SUPER USER -> DESK SETUP -> PATCH FUNCTIONS -> SET DEFAULT PATCH to do this.


Then set your Betapack2's to have the following DMX Addresses:


Pack 1 (channels 1-6): DMX Address 1

Pack 2 (channels 7-12): DMX Address 7

Pack 3 (channels 13-18): DMX Address 13

Pack 4 (channels 19-24): DMX Address 19


You should then have control of all your channels again.

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