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Kresten Bager

Patch with offset (round numbers)

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Hi all,


Great job on the version 3 software - just testing it now.


And now an idea: It would be nice to be able to space fixtures when patching. E.g. our movers use 28 DMX channels but I always patch them in 30 intervals - i.e. 100, 130, 160 and so on. So when specifying the universe and starting address it would be nice to be able to add 'spacing'. E.g. adding a spacing of 2 would solve my patching 'problem'. The spacing value should default to the number of channels the fixture uses - 28 and then the user can increase the number to 512-(start chan+spacing).


Best regards


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Hi Kresten


Thanks for this suggestion - this is something we've talked about already so i'll flag your comments up with R&D. For now, either editing the patch or patching individually will make this simple, alternatively you could create a custom fixture with a higher DMX Allocate and patch this.




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Is it possible to patch multiple fixtures at once, on every 30st DMX adress? So lets say Mac250 entour 1 on channel 1, next one on 31, next one on 61 and so on?

It's easier than to count it out exactely each time.


Thanx in forward


EDIT: Sorry for my double post...

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