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make scenes and put them under a position palette

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I would like to make scenes(and other movements) where moving heads light several parts on stage.

How can I program a movement or a scene and put them under a pallette so that I still can use the colour,beamshape etc pallette to change the fixture's colour etc and put the moving heads in the programmed scene with just one push of a button(like in the pallettes).

This really comes in handy on concerts and parties when just doing the ambilights.

I already tried programming scenes for fixtures under a submaster but when I raise the fader or push the flashbutton under the submaster nothing changes.


Also: is it possible to program chases with generic lights and play them while keeping the pallettes active? (practicly the same as the moving heads)


Best regards,


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you have to set your console at [sUPER USER]->[DESK SETUP]->[PROGRAM MODE]


Mode: Partial



then You can program the movments transparently to the submaster.

(look out for the Lamp on Brightness,Color and Beamshape Button it's off )

otherwise hold it 2sec to turn them off, same with the moving heads(fixtures) that wouldn't be programmed

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