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Moving in Dark strategy advice with Fat Frog

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Hello, I'm looking for some advice. As I know that the Fat Frog does not have a move in dark function, I'm looking for ways to work around that. I'm using 2 x Mac 250 E with a limited rig of lights, and would like to run the Macs as specials, laying effects over scenes. Here's what I'm planning to do:


1. Build a memory of my Macs.


2. Transfer without time to a submaster


3. Copy this to another submaster, the next in line (ie, copy 1 to 2)


4. Edit sub 1 to turn the brightness to 0 %.


5. Run sub 1, then add sub 2 when the look is needed.


Will this hold water? Although I know that editing a submaster copied from a memory results in the modification of that memory, does the same hold true when editing a submaster copied from another sub?


Is there a better way to do this?


Thanks for any advice.

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I do pretty much the same with my Bull Frog. Once i have plotted a show i then go back through the memories to see which cues need to be tidied. I copy the postion beamshape and colour from the cue where the movers are on into pallets then go back to the the previous cue , recall the pallets and turn the movers off and programme. If the cues containg movers has a slow fade time you can somtimes get away with just making all the LTP times a snap so by the time the movers are fading up they have set them self



hope this helps

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